Pokemon GTS and Friend Code Information

okey dokey people, This has been long awaited (about 15 hours, that’s a long time for me stop laughing!), and ITS FINNALLY HERE! My current GTS trades and my Friend code!

Pokemon White

Current GTS trade offer: SOLD

  • Tepig: Lvl 1
  • OT: Shelly
  • Item: None
  • Offerer: Shelly
  • Wanted: Any Virizion



I will trade tepigz! And i will lend pokemon as long as you trade back and say an oath and DONT BREAK YOUR PROMISE! Thank you.

 Pokemon Pearl

Current GTS trade:

  • Driffloon: Lvl 22
  • wanted: Dustsox: lvl 20 and up



~Nerdy the Ninja


2 responses

13 07 2011
Jessica, or sometimes called Pokexpert3334

wait wait wait wait. Just to be sure, you offered a tepig for a virizion?

Wow. No offence, of course, but.. wow.

But then again, if I was trying to fill up the pokedex and had picked either Oshawatt or Snivy as my starter… hmm…..

14 07 2011

OMG yea! and it went thru to some guy it was a stupid trade for them but an awesome one for me lol 😛

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