Pokemon Pearl update and wifi info

8 07 2011

I figured out how to make my pokemon pearl game work on my wifi! WHOO HOOO!!! now i shall give you an update on my pokemon pearl game.

I beat gardenia who was super easy to beat with my monferno (LOL)
My Shinx and Bidoof evolved.
I got lost in wayward cave but got out again (Yay!)
I’m about to face the 3rd gym leader.
I updated the GTS friend code and stuff page with my pokemon pearl info if ya’ll wanna check tht out…

Now i shall play pokemon pearl and beat it! GO MONFERNO!




One response

13 07 2011
Jessica, or sometimes called Pokexpert3334

congrats! Hmm.. ill have to check out ur black n white info.. good luck!

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