My Pokemon Team(s!!!)

7 07 2011

 pokemon white

Emboar: Lvl 75, Moves: Flare Blitz, Blast Burn, Head Smash, Brick Break. 

Cobalion: Lvl 45 Moves: False Swipe, Retaliate, Iron Head, Sacred Sword.

Tirtouga *new*: Lvl 25 Moves: Aqua Jet, Anceint Power, Crunch, Wide Guard.

Ditto: Lvl 53: Move: Transform (LOL)

Zekrom: Lvl 54:Moves: DragonBreath, Dragon Claw, Zen Headbutt, Fusion Bolt.

Metang: Lvl 53: Moves: Iron Defense, Agility, Meteor Mash, Zen Headbutt.

Pokemon Pearl (FAIL TEAM XD)

Monferno: Lvl 22: Moves: Mach Punch, Leer, Flame Wheel, Fury Swipes.

Shinx: Lvl 14: Moves: Tackle, Leer, Charge, Bite.

Bidoof: Lvl 8: Moves: Tackle, Rock Smash, Growl.

Zubat: Lvl 8: Moves: Leech Life, Supersonic.

Geodude: Lvl 7: Moves: Tackle, Defence Curl, Mud Sport.

Machop: Lvl 6: Moves: Low Kick, Leer.

More Teams coming soon!




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